What if we told you all it took was four steps to grow your business?

Choose Shield

Add Shield Services to your marketplace 

Seamless Integration

Seamless integration of your marketplace; ensuring our business is your business

Superior Service

SHIELD's customer service experts increase customer confidence and drive customer service costs down

Redistributed Revenue

When replacing any damaged, lost, or stolen items, we automatically repurchase the item from you to ensure your business receives additional revenue rather than eating the cost

What do we cover to ensure customer satisfaction?



Over a third of Americans fall victim to Porch Pirates. There is a lot that can happen when your package is out of your hands including orders being stolen once they're delivered.



With so many moving parts and different hands your package touches, it is no surprise that they're often lost. When deliveries move through the supply chain, there are many places and chances for your package to be misplaced.

Damaged Packages

No one cares about your package the way you do and in the hustle and bustle of making deliveries, your package is at risk of being mishandled. Your deliveries are important, but when they're not treated like it, you may receive broken, damaged, or even destroyed packages.

How easy is it to install Shield?

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Install Shield with Shopify

Customers add Shield Insurance at Checkout

Customer receives email with policy details

When claims are filed, Shield takes care of it all