Package Theft Part 2 – Invaluable Prevention Info!

Package theft is on the rise and as it becomes a more frequent occurrence, businesses are suffering financially.

In Part 1 of this article series, some statistics on package loss and theft were brought up, pointing out the need for loss prevention solutions like buyer-based delivery protection.

In Part 2, [...]

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Package Theft Part 1 – Some Interesting Statistics!

Package theft is becoming one of the biggest loss factors that retail businesses and customers alike must combat on a daily basis.

The statistics surrounding the loss of packages not protected by buyer-based delivery protection are astounding and continue to grow each year.

Part of the problem is the number [...]

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How to Choose A Shopify Ecommerce Plan For Your Store!

Opening a Shopify store with delivery protection is as easy as opening an account, filling the shop with goods, and then adding the shipping insurance app of choice.

Where confusion arises is knowing which store plan to use as Shopify offers a variety of monthly plans at different rates, each with [...]

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