The Impact of Late or Missed Deliveries On A Shopify Store!

For anyone running a Shopify store online, success only comes once customers receive their purchases in good condition and in good time.

If thinking that a Shopify store does not need something like delivery protection insurance, think again!

At the rate that packages go missing or are delivered late these [...]

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What is Delivery Protection for Shopify Merchants? – Part 1

One of the biggest and costliest challenges that online merchants combat these days is the problem of package loss and a lack of delivery protection because package loss, however it happens, can take a big chunk out of business profits.

Naturally, you want to reassure customers that your shop is [...]

By |2022-11-30T14:25:40-06:00February 22nd, 2022|

What is Delivery Protection for Shopify Merchants? – Part 2

Delivery protection for damaged packages is something that every merchant on Shopify should consider offering on their shop websites.

Delivery protection for stolen packages from a Shopify store is easy, cost-free protection that provides many benefits to online merchants, helping them to build their business in some less apparent ways.

Beyond [...]

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