Opening a Shopify store with delivery protection is as easy as opening an account, filling the shop with goods, and then adding the shipping insurance app of choice.

Where confusion arises is knowing which store plan to use as Shopify offers a variety of monthly plans at different rates, each with distinctive benefits that can help a business grow.

While buyer-based delivery protection is something that can be added onto any Shopify store account, some provide incentives like shipping discounts.

Which plan is the right one to choose?

Read here about some of the considerations to make when deciding which ecommerce plan with the addition of Shopify delivery protection is the right one. 

Plan Pricing - What Is Included?

Shopify monthly ecommerce plans range in prices to make retail easy for the smallest to the largest online companies:

  • Shopify Lite Plan — $9/mo
  • Basic Shopify — $29/mo
  • Shopify — $79/mo
  • Advanced Shopify — $299/mo
  • Shopify Plus — $2,000/mo and up for high-volume sales

Though these ecommerce plans do not automatically include delivery protection apps, they offer a variety of resources designed to help stores grow.

All include a Shopify storefront with a dedicated domain name and access to varying levels of support, plugin applications, and business tools based on the number of items being offered for sale and the number of monthly transactions each month.

Rate discounts are available for those who pay yearly, instead of monthly.

Regardless of which plan is selected, all shops can install a separate Shopify delivery protection app as well.

Since buyer-based delivery protection can add essential trust to every shop, it is highly recommended for smaller stores and those just starting out.

There are many other ecommerce, inventory management, website, and third-party tools available to use on Shopify stores plus multiple staff accounts and store locations, too.

Plan Fees - How Do They Stack Up?

When choosing which Shopify ecommerce plan to use, store owners should analyze the different fee schedules based on how much business they expect to do.

Starting with the Lite plan and up to the Plus plan, Shopify charges a percentage fee plus a per-transaction fee every time someone makes a purchase.

Fees range from 2.9% to 2.4% plus a .30 cent per-transaction fee and decrease with the higher monthly rates up to the Advanced plan while Plus plans involve a special arrangement with Shopify based on sales volume.

For some, the Lite plan might be just right even at a higher percentage rate but for others that savings is enough to make a higher plan worthwhile, especially when considering the additional ecommerce tools available at those tiers. 

Shipping Discounts - How Significant Are They?

Another great feature that retailers using Shopify gain access to is shipping discounts through various national and international shippers.

Discounts for sellers combined with delivery protection for buyers are two great features that make Shopify a great platform for hosting an online storefront.

Although Lite plans do not qualify for shipping discounts, Basic, Shopify, and Advanced plans qualify for discounts up to 88% when certain conditions are met, with discounts for Plus accounts again based on volume and other specifics.

These discounts allow store owners to offer lower shipping fees to their customers which, in addition to buyer-based delivery protection, help them sell more. 

Choose the Right Shopify Plan And Delivery Protection

Whether a store only sells a few items a month or is a massive online retail business, there is a Shopify ecommerce plan that, paired with Shopify delivery protection, can perfectly suit any company and its customers.

Lower-tier plans that cost less may offer only the basic features and involve higher transaction fees; however, they can be used like all other tiers with beneficial buyer-based delivery protection apps designed to plugin to Shopify store sites.

Higher tiers cost more, but provide many more ecommerce features including large shipping discounts in addition to working with delivery protection services.

Review the options to find the right one for your store!

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