Package theft is on the rise and as it becomes a more frequent occurrence, businesses are suffering financially.

In Part 1 of this article series, some statistics on package loss and theft were brought up, pointing out the need for loss prevention solutions like buyer-based delivery protection.

In Part 2, the two most reliable solutions to save businesses money and help customers get their goods are discussed.

As long as there are thieves looking for packages to steal, package protection whether in the form of delivery insurance services or locker service, is beneficial for everyone involved.

Solution #1 - Package Locker Service

One recent solution to the problem of package theft has been the introduction of package lockers.

Many delivery and courier services that do not automatically offer buyer-based delivery protection have begun to offer secure lockers within different communities where customers expecting packages can have their goods delivered to eliminate the possibility of a porch pirate helping themselves to the box.

Lockers are safe and secure but do require the recipient to go to the locker location to receive their packages.

Some delivery services offer this additional service free to sellers as a solution similar to other types of delivery protection services, but others charge a small fee to the package sender.

Solution #2 - Buyer-Based Delivery Protection Service

A second solution that more online retailers are relying on is buyer-based delivery protection, which protects both sellers and buyers.

Although this type of delivery protection does not prevent a package from being stolen, it provides insurance for the buyer and peace of mind for the seller, neither of whom have to suffer a loss.

Added as a buying option to a retailer’s online shopping cart, buyer-based delivery protection is applied as a small cost to the buyer that is reflective of the value of the shipment with no cost to the seller at all.

Should a package not show up, be stolen, or even arrive damaged, the buyer can file a claim with the delivery protection service without the seller having to get involved.

The delivery protection service handles ordering and sending a replacement for the missing delivery.

This is highly cost-effective for sellers who don't have to pay for two product plus shipping and it ensures that customers with loss claims have their replacement products re-shipped in a timely manner.

Finally A Cost-Effective Seller Solution for Package Theft!

Every package that does not reach its recipient costs someone money.

Packages not insured with buyer-based delivery protection cost online retailers the most with increased product and shipping costs, wasted time, and even loss of customer trust.

Package lockers are one solution to ensure customers get their items, but enrolling in buyer-based delivery protection services can be a better one.

Free to sellers, this service costs buyers only a small fee while still affording them the convenience of home delivery.

Best of all, buyer-based delivery protection takes the seller out of the equation when a claim is made by the buyer.

It is a win-win situation for all!

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