Shield Services Internal Company Policies

Shield Services strives to exceed all client and customer expectations by providing consistent Delivery Protection worldwide. To fulfill this mission, Shield Services has adopted the following Internal Company Policies:

Lost Packages: 

  • Lost in Transit (not delivered to the customer)
    • Customer must submit claim after 7 consecutive days (20 days if international) of no movement and within 30 days of movement from last checkpoint.
    • If there is no movement for 30 days since the last checkpoint, Shield Services will accept the claim.
  • Invalid Address or Delivery Barriers
    • If the carrier is unable to deliver the order and returns the product to the merchant, the order is not considered lost, therefore Shield will not cover it. Customers will be referred back to merchants.
  • Partial Order Delivery
    • If a customer ordered several items in one package with only a partial delivery and no evidence of tampering, Shield Services will not cover the order. Shield Services will refer the customers to merchants for full order fulfillment.
    • If a single order is being shipped in multiple packages and one package does not arrive, Shield will reorder that undelivered package.
  • Unfulfilled or Unshipped Orders
    • Shield Services will not process a claim for the order because the merchant did not ship it.
  • Claims Filed Too Soon
    • If the customer makes a claim the same day the package is marked as delivered, Shield Services will ask the customer to wait 5 business days before resubmitting a claim. Carriers sometimes prematurely mark packages as delivered when they are still in transit.

Damaged Packages:

  • Customers must submit their claim(s) within 7 days of delivery of the damaged product.
  • Customers must submit photo evidence of the damaged item(s) and/or damaged packaging with their claim.
  • Shield Services will not replace items that are damaged due to manufacturing All damages must be related to shipping carrier mishandling.
  • Damages are defined as broken item(s) that are unusable, clearly fractured, shattered, bent (if not bendable), crushed, etc.
  • Shield Services does not generally cover cosmetic damages but may replace any orders with cosmetic damages at Shield Service’s own discretion.

Stolen Packages:

  • Stolen Packages
    • Claims must be made between 5-15 days of the recorded delivery date. Claims made after 15 days of the delivery date will not be covered.
    • Customers can submit video evidence of the package being stolen (doorbell camera, security camera, etc.) to strengthen their claim.
    • If order total is over $75, the customer must send proof of a police report to Shield Services.
      • Customer must file a police report with their local police department. This report may include an explanation that Shield Services, a delivery protection company, requires a police report to process their claim.
      • Customers have 30 days from the claim filing date to submit this police report to Shield Services. Any claims older than 30 days without properly submitted reports will be denied.
    • Delivered to Wrong Address
      • If the customer enters the correct address on the merchant’s site and the order is delivered to the wrong address, Shield Services will consider the order stolen and will process the customer’s claim as a stolen package.

General Notes Regarding Our Shipping Policies: 

  • The policies for damaged, lost, and stolen packages apply to products shipped both domestically and internationally.
  • If the customer paid for duties/taxes through the merchant’s website, Shield Services will cover these fees. If the customer did not pay for the duties/taxes through the merchant’s website, the fees will not be covered.
  • If a customer refuses acceptance of a package, the order will not be covered by Shield Services.
  • Order totals up to $5000, including taxes and fees, can be protected by Shield Services. Orders over $5000 will not be protected by Shield Services.
  • Shield Services maintains a customer service claims center during regular business hours of 8am-5pm CST on Monday through Friday. All customer claims will be processed and responded to during these business hours.
  • Shield Services reserves the right to accept or deny any customer’s claim based on the company’s own judgment.
  • Shield Services does not discriminate against any of the protected classes of people.
  • Shield Services will not cover any deliveries containing live animals or perishable meats and foods.

Customer Resolutions

Shield Services will provide the following resolutions once a customer claim has been processed and accepted.

Reorder of Product: 

  • When reordering an item for the customer, Shield Services will cover the order’s subtotal, shipping costs, and taxes. Shield Services does not cover a second Delivery Protection fee.
  • The customer must inform the Shield Services Customer Service Team of all pertinent information to place the reorder. This information includes:
    • Customer Name
    • Customer Contact Information
    • Shipping Information
    • Item Information
      • Item name, color, size, etc.
    • Shield Services will place a duplicate order from the same merchant to be shipped to the same address.
    • If original item is no longer available, Shield Services will offer the customer a comparable replacement of equal or lesser value or a monetary refund.
    • Shield Services will not process a partial refund and/or a partial reorder.

Refund of Purchase:

  • When refunding an item, Shield Services will refund the subtotal of the order. Shipping costs and taxes are not included in the refund amount.
  • Customer may receive refund via PayPal or ACH transfer.
  • If customer requests refund via PayPal, they must provide correct PayPal account information.
    • Shield Services will send the refund amount to the account specified by customer. If account is incorrect, Shield Services will not accept liability, and no additional funds will be sent.
  • If customer requests refund via ACH transfer, the customer must provide detailed and correct bank information via our encrypted submission form.

Shield Services will send the refund to the account specified by customer. If the account information is incorrect, Shield Services will not accept liability, and no additional funds will be sent to the customer’s account.