A never-ending concern for businesses selling products online is shipping problems and finding the best shipping protection solutions.

Once a package is out of the retailer’s hands, it is impossible to know what will happen to it until it arrives at its destination, if it arrives at all.

Thankfully, when considering the most common shipping problems faced by Shopify merchants, Shopify shipping protection alleviates many of these issues.

With a Shopify delivery protection app, merchants can protect themselves and their customers easily and affordably.

What Are Recurring Shipping Problems Online Merchants Face?

Shopify merchants who rely on carrier services to deliver their sold merchandise can be significantly affected by losses sustained once packages leave their hands.

Even if just a small percentage of those packages without shipping protection end up damaged or never reaching the customer, it costs the merchant more money, thus reducing profits.

The three most commonly recurring shipping problems that Shopify merchants deal with include:

  • Rising Shipping Costs - The price of everything is going up these days, and that includes shipping costs. Directly related to the costs of packaging material, fuel, salaries, governmental regulations, environmental issues, and other charges, shipping costs are steadily rising with all of that. Now lost and damaged packages cost merchants even more.
  • Delayed Deliveries - From carrier workforce issues to bad weather to vehicle accidents and more, today’s carrier services are all dealing with their own problems which can unfortunately end up trickling down to their merchant retailer customers. Late deliveries are becoming more common every day, with merchants ending up dealing with their own unhappy customers when packages do not arrive on time.
  • Lost/Damaged Merchandise - When packages not protected by Shopify shipping protection just never arrive, it is the merchant that is out the money. Not only must they send a second shipment, but the shipping costs are repeated as well.

How Shipping Protection Resolves The Cost of Recurring Shipping Problems

Though the above three problems may not seem so significant, the costs quickly add up.

Excess operating expenses due to shipping problems are one of the biggest profit-canceling issues that small online retailers like Shopify merchants continuously combat on a daily basis.

A Shopify delivery protection app on the merchant’s store website is the perfect solution to solve these problems, save money, and retain profits.

With Shopify shipping protection, claims are made by the customer and fulfilled by the service, not the merchant.

It can be an opt-out shipping protection paid for by the customer, relieving the merchant from responsibility for that shipment.

It costs merchants nothing, requiring only for them to enroll in the service and then incorporate an app on their storefront website.

When the app is set up as an opt-out version, once a customer pays the small insurance fee, any lost or damaged shipments are covered including shipping included by the delivery protection service.

The Delivery Protection Advantage

As shipping costs continue to rise and profit margins shrink, shipping protection can be a Shopify merchant’s best friend.

More customers every day are choosing Shopify shipping protection because they see the problem of delayed, damaged, or lost deliveries and want to protect their purchases.

Adding a Shopify shipping protection app to merchant stores is easy, free, and takes the burden of replacement of the merchant when buyers choose this service.

Recurring shipping problems are a concern of the past for Shopify merchants that take this important, profit-saving step!

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