Shopify recently announced some anticipated and exciting changes to its platform that will positively affect all merchants, including those who are considering offering Shopify delivery protection on their stores.

The unveiling of Shopify 2.0 brings the platform into the future to make building and maintaining a Shopify store with Shopify shipping protection even easier than it was before.

Whether you are a new merchant or already have an existing store, these changes are sure to help merchants do better on the platform in various ways, including making adding a Shopify delivery protection app and other apps to store sites more convenient.

What Is Shopify 2.0?

Shopify 2.0 is a second-generation platform update designed to make Shopify more competitive against other similar storefront platforms.

The main focus of this update has been to make storefronts more front-end customizable for merchants so they can set up their stores how they want and need to.

With an easier ability to edit layouts, functionality, and even include Shopify delivery protection more simply, the release includes a brand new site editor, new theme architecture, improved metafields for adding additional product information, improved app modularity, and much more.

Essentially, it is a better, more powerful store platform that is easier for non-developers to customize and add the required functions they want and need on their store websites.

What Beneficial Changes Does Shopify 2.0 Bring With It?

What does all of this mean for merchants trying to sell on Shopify?

Some of the important benefits gained using the new, updated platform are greater flexibility to build the shop of your dreams using improved functionality of sections and modules as well as a simpler means for including features like a Shopify delivery protection app as well.

Scalability for growing shops is less difficult without having to rebuild the site on a more functional theme plus there are more functional ways to install apps and extensions into each theme.

Improvements in how metafields are handled now save merchants hours of time, as they can now be filled in easily without having to enter the code to do it.

These and some other changes to the platform now make it possible for merchants to start off with a very basic theme that allows them to increase and improve it as their stores grow without having to recreate things along the way.

Adding Apps Now Easier Than Ever With Shopify 2.0

With the new Spotify 2.0 platform update, adding applications like Shopify shipping protection apps to a store theme is done simply by integrating app extensions into the theme or deleting the extensions if the app is no longer wanted.

There is no longer a need to enter the base code to add apps or extensions and removing them no longer leaves ghost files to clutter up the code.

With the process this easy, there is no reason for any merchant to skip essential store website features like Shopify delivery protection, as it can now be integrated in a snap.

Sell More On Shopify With A Delivery Protection App

Considering the massive improvements made to the platform with the release of this update, Shopify 2.0 makes it more possible for you to create the shop that you need to sell more.

By making it so much less complicated to add a Shopify delivery protection app, every merchant can now offer this important protection almost instantly.

Shopify shipping protection is proven to increase sales by improving customer trust and peace of mind that their purchases are well protected.

If you have not updated your store to Shopify 2.0, what are you waiting for?

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