For anyone running a Shopify store online, success only comes once customers receive their purchases in good condition and in good time.

If thinking that a Shopify store does not need something like delivery protection insurance, think again!

At the rate that packages go missing or are delivered late these days, Shopify delivery protection offers retailers an extra layer of customer-pleasing protection at no cost to them.

To truly understand the benefit of using a Shopify delivery protection service ;via a downloadable app, all that any store owner needs is to appreciate the impact that late and missed deliveries can have on their business and how easy those losses are to prevent.

Late And Missed Deliveries Affect Customer Trust

Delivery time and reliability are one of many reasons why a customer may or may not choose a certain online shop to buy from.

Sellers that guarantee shipping by a certain day often see increased sales because of it.

When packages not insured with delivery protection do not arrive within that timeframe or worse yet, end up lost or stolen, this turns an expectant customer into a very unhappy one.

Now the customer must contact the merchant to report a lost or late shipment and have to wait again and hope the package eventually reaches them the second time.

This scenario happens time and time again with small Shopify businesses that do their own fulfillment without offering Shopify delivery protection services, frequently resulting in lost customer trust and bad online reviews.

Polling on this topic reveals that 69% of customers are much less likely to shop with a retailer after experiencing late shipments, 55% will stop buying from a retailer altogether after receiving multiple late shipments, and 17% never go back after just one late shipment.

Late or Missed Deliveries Increase Expenses and Reduce Profits

Considering the cost of customer acquisition to begin with, a few late or missing deliveries that are not protected with easy Shopify delivery protection can be extremely damaging to a small online store.

Then the cost of lost items that must still be sent and the additional shipping charges on top of that make it extremely difficult for Shopify store owners not offering delivery protection insurance to break even on those products, let alone allow their business to make any profits.

Between financial losses, increased costs, lower customer retention and acquisition, and damage to the company brand, any late, missed, and lost deliveries can prevent business growth and even cause smaller companies to go out of business.

Delivery Protection Can Resolve Some Delivery Problems

One solution that can prevent many of the negative effects of late, lost, and missed deliveries is delivery protection insurance via an app in the Shopify App Store.

Offering Shopify delivery protection on a store's website gives the buyer an inexpensive means of protecting their purchase.

If the box does not arrive on time or simply does not get there at all, they are covered.

Filing a claim with a Shopify delivery protection service is easy, and since these services exist to quickly send replacements to keep customers happy, they provide huge cost savings for Shopify store owners.

The fact that using this feature is free to sellers is a definite win-win situation!

Keep Customers Happier With Shopify Delivery Protection

The cost of delayed deliveries and lost or stolen packages is one that can really add up for online retailers.

Fortunately, a Shopify store can protect both the store and its bottom line by offering Shopify delivery protection on an individual store website.

This buyer-purchased protection provides low-cost peace of mind for them that is free to the merchant.

Before sending another package, look into the Shopify delivery protection service app and keep customers smiling and profits soaring!

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