Delivery protection for damaged packages is something that every merchant on Shopify should consider offering on their shop websites.

Delivery protection for stolen packages from a Shopify store is easy, cost-free protection that provides many benefits to online merchants, helping them to build their business in some less apparent ways.

Beyond the positives that shopper-based delivery protection brings your customers as described for the theft of packages in Part 1 of this article, there are even more ways that it helps you as the merchant.

Consider these great ways that using a Shopify delivery protection app can prevent costly problems for your retail business and help your company prosper.

As Online Sales Soar, So Does The Cost Of Theft and Damage

With online sales skyrocketing, more packages are being moved throughout the country and around the world by different couriers than ever before and without delivery protection insurance, merchants are at risk of losing money.

Many of these shipments will not make it to their final destinations or will arrive damaged.

Consumer research indicates that up to 18% of all shipped items arrive damaged or do not arrive at all and nearly 80% of customers have returned online purchases after receiving them damaged. 

Besides the obvious concern this becomes for customers, it is a costly one for online merchants who must foot the bill for these losses unless they are enrolled in a delivery protection service for damaged or lost packages.

Between the cost of item replacement plus the additional cost to ship the same product again, it can be a losing situation.

Smaller merchants can easily see their company profits dwindling because of “porch pirates,” damage happening while in transit, and other reasons.

Delivery Problems Create Time-Consuming Customer Service Issues

In addition to the expense of replacement products and extra shipping costs, delivery losses create extra work for merchants which equates to even more money lost.

Time spent communicating with customers claiming lost or damaged items, tracking packages, approving returns, then sending new items out all takes valuable time away from your business.

Delivery protection insurance bypasses all of this, leaving the responsibility in the hands of a third-party service that will receive claims, then purchase and ship new orders to customers without the merchant having to interrupt their process to solve the issue.

Delivery Problems Create Customer Confidence Issues

On top of everything else, customers today are wary of receiving damaged goods or not receiving their items at all for a multitude of reasons including having bad past experiences with unscrupulous online merchants.

The possibility of package theft only complicates this even more and can make growing a small merchant shop on sites like Shopify even more challenging.

Shopify delivery protection for stolen or damaged packages provides a layer of confidence that reassures buyers even with newer or smaller merchant shops.

They know that no matter what happens, they can use the buyer-based delivery protection option, then put in a claim if they have a problem with their order.

Delivery Protection Insurance A Great Solution For Merchants

Considering these sometimes unavoidable problems, it is clear that merchants selling on Shopify can alleviate these issues and save themselves money by adding a delivery protection app to their online retail shops.

By providing a way for customers to protect their order by paying a small fee, everyone ends up happier with less expense.

Delivery protection for damaged and lost packages is a win-win solution for your Shopify store that will save you time, money, and effort while stopping the cycle of shrinking profits due to delivery losses!

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